Week Four

Article presentation by Gordon & Sonya: Arthur Danto's "Approaching the End of Art". (Click on image to see enlargement.)

(See this link for a TimeGlider representation of Art Movements through the ages. You can scroll left to right to move through the complete timeline.)

See below for Bubbl.us Mindmap version of Danto's article:

Maria – "Moral Self vs Institutional Self": Eisenberg

(Self vs Institution) Find the text of Maria's "play" here.

The discursive mind
By Rom Harré, Grant Gillett

Shannon: Peter Fuller article
Aesthetics after Modernism

Villa Savoye

Rothko - http://www.nga.gov/feature/rothko/
Bach Toccatta in Dm


CBC interview: "Q" The benefits of mental illness (mp3 download)


RiP: Remix Manifesto


Principles of Art
Robin George Collingwood


Bonnie and Jin: The Domestication of Outrage

Some tangentially related articles:


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