Week Three

Article presentation: Gordon
"The Education of Feeling" by Rex Gibson
(A limited preview is available here.)

A Wordle created from Gibson's article: (Click image for full size.)

A "Comic Life" summary of Gibson's article: (Click image for full size.)


Feeling and Reason in the Arts: David Best:
(presented by Helen H)

Best’s ideas vs Subjectivist beliefs
(He believes in the crucial place of cognition in the Arts)

We can have both cognition & creativity
(Friedrich Kekule and the Benzene Ring: Creativity in science)

Arts involve shared language & shared meaning: cognition is important for understanding

Discounts the Hydraulic theory – where we spew stored emotions à la Jackson Pollock.

(This is the flip side of Rex Gibson’s article: Just as Gibson wants feeling expressed in all subjects in the same way as they are manifested in the Arts, Best wants to recognize the role of cognition in all subjects, especially the Arts.)
“It is only because we are capable of cognition and rationality that we can have artistic feelings.”

Feeling and Reason in the Arts (2):

Sylvia – art – Butterfly Picnic &“Cultural Manifestation”
("shadowy, mysterious, runes, arcane, hidden knowledge, petrogyphs, pictograms")

Sylvia – music –
Nocturne in Em Chopin: Water – fluid – languid


Bennett Reimer – “Music is a complex feature of the mind.


This is Your Brain on Music: (Daniel Levitin)
fMRI of Sting:

Shadows of the Mind: by Penrose
Google Books link.

Arts in Education
Some good articles on this topic


Interested in this book? Voltaire’s Bastards


Emotion/Feeling activity sites:

Interesting Book: "Drama with Children"


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