Week Six

"The Limits of Cognitive Science"

Purpose of Music education
Shannon + Lorraine

Summary (Purpose in Music Education)
  • 1.Delight in music, a rich appreciation is our aim.
  • 2.Discovery is central to musical activities and the crucial questions are: What is it (like)? and What happens if…?
  • 3.Through the activities of composition, performance and listening we shall be looking for the development of skills, information, musical understanding and valuing, with understanding as central.
  • 4.Teaching and learning should be so organized as to draw on the natural energies of motivation common to everyone.

Shalom Chaverim (traditional)

"Shalom chaverim, shalom chaverim,
Shalom, shalom.
Lehitraot, lehitraot,
Shalom, shalom."


A Basis for Music Education
(By Keith Swanwick)
Google Book


Fine Arts IRP K-7: link
Draft Wiki:


Logdriver's Waltz (Lyrics here)

Share the Music Series: link


Choir in Britain
(A clip of the choir here.)


A Personal Philosophy on the Importance of Music Education

(Tristan Galinski) Link here.


Music Teachers Resources: link here


The Arts, Education and the Community (David Aspin)
Helen + Amanda

" Thus the future of the Arts in our society depends not only on their dissemination but upon the ways in which this is done and for what purposes. As Edward Bond remarks: ‘teaching about art is as important as
creating it’. "

"The various kinds and intensities of meaning of Guernica, for example, like that of Blake’s Sick Rose or Brahms’ 3rd Symphony, can only be fully understood and savoured by attending to the totality of the work and ‘letting it be’."


The cost of the Arts.
(Article in The Toronto Star: Arts for Children.)

"The place that the Arts occupy in the life of a nation is largely a reflection of the time and effort devoted to them in schools and colleges." (A Policy for the Arts)


"Looking round at the God-awful mess man has made of this planet, I am increasingly convinced that, were I faced with an omnipotent visitor from Outer Space asking me for one good reason why this world should not be wiped out tomorrow, I should reply by asking him to see Hamlet, to watch Ashton’s ‘Symphonic Variations’, to listen to the ‘Meistersinger’ quintet and to look at Vermeer’s ‘Head of a Girl’. Basically all forms of activity other than Art are inspired by self-interest and it is only in Art that humanity can justify its miserable existence."


The school, the community and lifelong learning
By David N. Aspin (Google Book)


Gauguin and his art:
(links here)
(his life)


Dixie Chicks Movie: Link


Synesthesia: (link)

Some celebrated people who may have had synesthesia include:
Vasily Kandinsky (painter, 1866-1944)
Olivier Messiaen (composer, 1908-1992)
Charles Baudelaire (poet, 1821-1867)
Franz Liszt (composer, 1811-1886)
Arthur Rimbaud (poet, 1854-1891)
Richard Phillips Feynman (physicist, 1918-1988)

"Focus on small doable things."

"What are the mistakes that we are making vis-a-vis Art?"
-attitudes? - thinking? -who does art?


The Danish way of Life.
(Vancouver Sun)


Man in the Modern Age - Karl Jaspers


Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.
Margaret Mead
US anthropologist & popularizer of anthropology (1901 - 1978)


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