Week Eight

Il Postino

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What is a Poem?(an excerpt - The Poetry Experience, by Fitch and Swartz)

"What can be explained," wrote Carl Sandburg, "is not poetry." Maybe, just maybe, that is why we need poetry.

Those who teach poetry with passion and joy know it is one of the richest learning experiences students can have. We journey to worlds and peer into spaces in our hearts and minds and souls through poetry.

Poetry is word music, an art form that belongs to a rich oral tradition that pre-dates the written word.

At its most serious, poetry rattles us to the core of our being. Verse of the most nonsensical kind urges us, like an itch, to scratch and burst forth into a slide of syllables ourselves.

Poetry invites us to be.

Why poetry? If we hope to see curious, skeptical, creative thinkers emerge from our classrooms and go on to reach their potential, we offer them the experience of poetry.



Great resources for teaching and discussing poetry.


Choral Recitation: (Video clips)

If the Earth were a few feet in diameter: text


Neruda: poetry

The Symbolic Order: Teaching Poetry by George Shalley

As far as the teaching of poetry is concerned, probably the best we can do—each in his own way—is to find out how to bring our students into the presence of poems.

Li Young Lee

Reading his work

"Law as a Historical Process"
by Eisenberg

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