Week Nine

(BTW, here's a link to Anna Banana's art exhibition.)

Since we didn't have a class this Canada Day, I thought I would look for some good links that explore Art in a Canadian context. Here are some of the resources I found.


"As Canada’s leading visual arts magazine, Canadian Art is a prestigious, award-winning, quarterly magazine showcasing the best of contemporary Canadian and historical art. With dynamic images, layouts and writing we present the vitality and variety of the visual arts in Canada. Superb full-colour reproductions, luscious paper stock and elegant design are hallmarks of the magazine."

Centre for Contemporary Canadian Art
"The Canadian Art Database Project currently holds 54,000+ images and 600+ video and audio clips by 600+ artists and designers; and 1,600+ texts by 200+ writers and curators." Scroll down for lists of artists in various media.

National Gallery of Canada
"The National Gallery of Canada's mandate is to develop, maintain, and make known, throughout Canada and internationally, a collection of works of art, both historic and contemporary, with special, but not exclusive, reference to Canada, and to further knowledge, understanding, and enjoyment of art in general among all Canadians." There is a handy search feature that allows visitors to the site to look for artists and works. The NGC also hosts the CyberMuse, an Art Education research site.

Applied Arts Magazine:
"Applied Arts is Canada’s premier magazine of visual communications. For more than 20 years, we have delivered gorgeous imagery, strong opinion, timely information and essential industry insight to our readership of senior creative professionals in graphic design, interactive design, advertising, photography and illustration. Our six yearly issues include two highly prized references—the Photography & Illustration Annual (July) and the Design & Advertising Annual (November). Applied Arts is your window on the very best creative work produced in this country and abroad."

Border Crossings
Border Crossings is a quarterly cultural magazine published in Winnipeg. Its subject is contemporary Canadian and international art and culture, which the magazine investigates through articles, columns, reviews, profiles, interviews and portfolios of drawings and photographs. Border Crossings crosses both disciplinary and geographic boundaries in its coverage of the visual, performing and the literary arts. The magazine’s interest is in the edges where new art is produced.

What is art anyway? What is an artist? Is "Roadsworth" one?

In a similar style to the kinds of things Roadsworth has done, but done in a stop-action video format, using blacktop and chalk for the decor and the props, check out this Coldplay music video. Very cool!
See also this NFB page for other Canadian Artists.


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